Your Friend, Me

Submit Your Video

Step One:

Create Your Video

You don’t have to serenade your friend or dig up embarrassing photos. You can, of course, but maybe all they need is a quick, “Hey. The two of us? We’ve got a great thing going.” That’s okay too.

Make sure to sign off like you’re writing them a letter— “Your friend, [your name].”

Step Two:

Upload it

Wherever you think it should live. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. You do you. Just use the hashtags #YourFriendMe and #LifeIsStrange, and make sure to tag the person you’re posting it for.

Step Three:

Pass It On

Inspire your friend to keep the love going and make their own Your Friend, Me video for someone else.

For every video submitted, we’ll donate $5 to the JED Foundation to support programs to promote mental health and prevent suicide for teens and young adults nationwide.