Your Friend, Me

Passing a Letter to a Friend

If we can learn anything from Chloe and Rachel Amber’s friendship, it’s that every connection we make with another person is weird and wonderful and deserves to be celebrated— and we don’t tell each other often enough! So here’s your chance.

Upload a short video message to a friend, tag them, be sure to include the hashtag (#yourfriendme), and encourage them to pass it along to someone they think deserves a shout-out, a thank-you, or even just a “Hey, you’re on my mind.”

Submit your video

Each time a video is submitted, we’ll donate $5 to the JED foundation—up to $25,000. The JED foundation is an advocate for the mental health of teens and young adults nationwide, partnering with high schools and colleges to strengthen substance abuse programs and suicide prevention programs.

We want to give everyone the means to help themselves and help each other—just like Chloe and Rachel lean on each other.